What's your approach to filming a wedding? 

My goal for my videos is to capture the day as if I wasn't even there. Sure, there will be moments where I might have to tell you guys to walk in a certain direction or stand in a particular spot but for the most part I'm looking for those natural moments between poses, during conversations and after little chuckles. I film every formality of the day, including morning preparations, the ceremony, the photoshoot and the reception. 

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely. I'm based in Perth, Western Australia but there's nothing I'd love more than to take my wedding videography across the country or maybe one day, the world.

How do you sort the music?

Typically I spend a couple hours scrolling through licensed music platforms until I find a few songs that matches the vibe of your wedding. I tend to use anywhere between 2-5 songs for my highlight videos. I'm always happy to take suggestions for the music choices but most of the songs you listen to on Spotify or Apple Music will cost too much to license for a wedding video. I do offer a music license 'add-on' option for every package if you're after something a little more unique.  Small and emerging bands tend to have pretty reasonable fee's and offer much nicer music than the music platforms do. 

How long do the videos take?

You can expect your highlight video within 4-8 weeks of your wedding. RAW edits can take a little longer, they will be finished around 8-12 weeks after the wedding. 

Is it worth getting drone footage?

I believe so. What's so important about the use of drone footage for me is that the shots work wonderfully as transitions from one location to another. It's always important to establish setting when you swap from one place to another. If you've seen my videos you'll notice I like to focus on one part at a time, rather than having the whole video just be a montage of nice looking shots. If I'm going from morning preparations to the ceremony I'm always looking for a nice establishing shot of the ceremony location to tell you where we are going. 

Would you be willing to shoot a same-sex marriage?

For sure! It was awesome hearing celebrants change their words from "the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others" to "the union of two people". I look forward to the opportunity. 

Can we meet before the wedding?

I'd love to. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other before your big day. If we have already broken the ice before your wedding then it's a lot easier to get those natural, raw shots that make the videos so great. This is also a great time to discuss packages and any video ideas/examples of wedding videos you like. 

We're interested, how do we book?

Right on! Please fill out my enquiry form here so I can get an idea of your wedding and the style you're going for. I'll reply asap with some ideas for the video, my prices and a day/time for a potential meet & greet.