Hi I'm Chris

My love of filming started through a fond interest in skateboarding as a young kid. I grew up watching a lot of Spike Jonze's work and became inspired to get behind the camera myself. In high school I would always borrow the media cameras and film skate videos, documentaries and music clips with my mates. Not long after I got my first decent camera as a chrissy present, and well, the rest is history.

What I like most about wedding cinematography is the opportunity to communicate and preserve such an important moment in peoples lives. I see it as a great privilege to not only witness the joy and happiness that surrounds a wedding but to be able to creatively portray the atmosphere and hard-work that goes into these amazing celebrations. 

My goal with each of my films is capture the atmosphere of the day, all the quirky things that people may be too drunk to notice at the reception or the looks of love and joy that the couples may have been to nervous to pick-up during the ceremony. I wish to convey more than just the wedding day itself, but the essence of the couples relationship and their journey to becoming a married pair. 

Chris :)